Pedro Herrera:
(+34) 687 43 68 04
Yolanda Cabanas:
(+34) 627 44 40 89


We are a couple who love all kinds of animals, especially dogs.

We reject any kind of violence caused to them and try to raise ours with love and care, which is what they deserve. Dogs are the most grateful animals in the world, their affection is infinite and their companionship is unbeatable. They are just like another member in our family.

Ever since we had Roy, our first bull terrier, we admire this breed. They are amazing and we recommend them to everyone, as long as you keep them as a family dog and/or pet, and not as a guard dog or similar. We try to learn and research about this breed as much as we can.  We know we won't have more dogs than we are able to take care of because them and their happiness are our top priority.

Well, we hope you like our website.

Enjoy yourselves!

Pedro and Yolanda

Last updated: 2016/12/11

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